why you have to work at SAP

PT Satya Abadi Pharma (SAP) is a fast growing company which has been proven itself in pharmacy industry. Since established in 2011 until now it has been developed 3 business units and a great place to grow for more than 200 resourceful talents which are bonded to strong values and same goals of our organization.

SAP has a vision of being a prominent health care corporation in marketing high quality, specific, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. We are highly committed to our vision by spreading our marketing and distributor network all over Indonesia from Sumatra to Papua. The rapid expansion of its business make a great opportunity to pursue your dream career in pharmacy industry as well as benefit and perks.

We challenge you as a resourceful talent to grow with us! Why SAP? Why Not!

Available Positions:

  1. Sales Dept
  2. Prod. Dept
  3. Med. Dept
  4. Key Acc. Dept
  5. FA Dept
  6. HR Dept
  7. Reg. Dept
  8. Log. Dept