Can Honey Really Make Wounds Heal Faster?
Post By : Sapharma

It is not surprising that honey is called one of the most beneficial food ingredients. Not only useful for skin health and beauty. It turns out that honey can also help speed up wound healing.

This ingredient, which is often used as a natural sweetener, has long been used to treat torn wounds and burns. So, how can the truth be scientifically proven?

Apart from being a natural sweetener of honey for food, honey is also often used for facial masks to soften facial skin.

Quoting from a scientific review in the journal Wounds, honey itself has a myriad of components that have benefits for treating wounds.

Here are the properties of honey that can help the recovery process, both open wounds and closed wounds.

1. Inhibits infection in wounds

Honey itself contains many antibacterial compounds, including nitrogen monoxide which works by triggering an immune response, reducing inflammation, and inhibiting the movement of bacteria. Meanwhile, hydrogen peroxide can kill bacteria around the wound area, stimulate new cell division, and provoke the emergence of macrophages, which are white blood cells that eat bacteria or other foreign substances that are considered threatening to the body.

2. Accelerate Wound Recovery

Honey itself has benefits that can accelerate wound recovery that comes from its low pH, which is between 3.2 to 4.5 Ph. This low pH value describes the level of acidity of a solution.

When applied to wounds, the low pH of honey can prevent protease enzymes. This is very important in wound healing. Because if there is a protease, this enzyme will break down the protein so that the wound becomes difficult to heal.

3. Prevents scars

When we are injured, it usually leaves a scar that is difficult to remove, to prevent it honey has benefits that can prevent scarring.

Inflammation in the wound can trigger the formation of free radicals, over time free radicals will stimulate the production of excess collagen which causes the formation of prominent scars or keloids.

Antioxidants contained in honey can ward off free radicals in wound tissue and prevent the formation of keloids, when applied to wounds the antioxidant content can stimulate cell division to form smoother skin tissue.

Now there is an easier way to treat wounds by simply applying Buragel to the wound or you can apply Buragel to gauze and then apply it to the wound.

Buragel itself contains honey as the main ingredient which is useful for wound healing, honey can also inhibit infection in wounds to speed up wound recovery.

Plus the aloe vera content can make the wound environment moist and help the formation of new blood vessels.

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