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medicsBLU® OraLightStick® - Mouth and Throat Cleanser

A potential and innovative product in the form of an LED stick to Clean the Mouth and Throat Area. With UV-free technology, providing an effective product that can reduce viruses, bacteria and fungi* resulting in a clean and fresh mouth sensation. Regular use of medicsBLU® OraLightStick® will protect you and your family in just 15 minutes.


1.    Chemical Free, Reduces viruses, bacteria and fungi.

2.    Clean the Mouth and Throat Area.

3.    As an alternative to mouthwash.

4.    Reduces viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

5.    For a clean and fresh taste sensation in the mouth area.

6.    For prevention, use every day for 15 minutes. As for intensive use, it can be used 2-4 times a day, with a duration of 15 minutes once used, for 2-4 days in a row.

7.    Easy to use either at home or when you are on vacation.

8.    Safe to use for all family members over the age of 6 years.

Usage Procedure

1.    Charge the medicsBLU® OraLightStick® device using the tools provided in the kit.

2.    Once the battery is fully charged insert the replaceable silicone* into the medicsBLU® OraLightStick®

3.    Activate/turn on the medicsBLU® OraLightStick®, by pressing the button on the bottom.

4.    Once on, put the medicsBLU® OraLightStick® in your mouth. For prevention, use every day for 15 minutes. As for intensive use, it can be used 2-4 times a day, with a duration of 15 minutes once used, for 2-4 days in a row.

Note: After intensive use is complete, perform the preventive procedure of 15 minutes every day.


•    1 medicsBLU® OraLightStick®

•    3 replaceable silicone mouthpieces (Can be washed with boiling water)

•    High-quality medicsBLU® box

•    USB-C Charging Cable.

•    Instructions for Use and Cleaning.


1.    2 Years Warranty.

2.    Can be used for 3 family members (there are 3 replaceable silicones).

3.    Not recommended for children under 6 years.

4.    Effectiveness of killing bacteria up to 99.9% (Microbial Laboratory Results-Spain)

5.    Free of UV Rays.

6.   Designed in Germany.


CONAX is able to increase the quality and quantity of sexual activity because it uses white ginseng which is known to contain Aphrodisiac or stimulant substances. Because it uses herbal ingredients, CONAX has no side effects when taking this herbal supplement.

Ingredients: Dextrose Monohydrate, Maltodextrin, Coffee Extract, Fructose, Vegetable Creamer (contains milk protein), Blueberry Powder, Mint Powder, Grape Powder, Inulin, Tomato Extract, Ginsen Extract.

* Contains allergens (milk protein)

Availability Form: Powder in sachet

Packaging: 1 Box contains 5 Sachets @ 3 grams.


1.    Helps increase desire, arousal and orgasm by increasing the levels of Dopamine (DA) and Acetylcholine (Ach) in the brain and modulating Gamma-aminobutryc acid (GABA) in the nervous system of the brain.

2.    Plays a role in the regulation of nerve cells related to sexual libido.

3.    Increases the secretion of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which is produced by the anterior pituitary gland and causes an increase in testosterone levels.

4.    Hardens maximally and lasts a long time.

5.    Has the ability to increase the level of spermatogenesis (the process of sperm formation and maturation in men) through increasing the expression of GDNF (Glial cell Derived Neurotrophic Factor) in Sertoli cells and activating the testicular responsive element CREM (CAMP Responsive Element Modulator). Where one of the parameters determining sperm quality is sperm motility as seen from the number of sperm that move progressively and correctly to reach the ovum for the fertilization process.

6.    Ginsenosides have been shown in vitro to improve sperm directional motility and human sperm development.


How to use:

Dissolved in 150 ml of plain water (room temperature) and drink immediately.


1.    Do not take more than the recommended dose.

2.    It is recommended to consume 2-3 hours before sexual activity.

3.    Caution should be exercised in its use in pregnant, lactating women and children.

4.    Prolonged use (more than 3 weeks). In order to stop taking ginseng with an interval of 2-3 weeks.


Albuse is a herbal product that contains an effective combination of curcuminoids and honey. Curcuminoids and honey are also known to have many beneficial properties in them.

Composition: Has 3 components that work synergistically as a therapy for acute and chronic digestive disorders:

- Curcumin <77%>

- Demethoxycurcumin (DMC) <17%>

- Bisedemethoxycurcumin (BDMC) <3%>

Availability Form: Solution with orange flavor

Packaging: 115 ml bottle


1.    Protects from inflammation/damage due to consumption of unhealthy food and drink, as well as bacterial infection, Helicobacter pylori

2.    Reduces pain, bloating and excessive gas in the stomach

3.    Accelerate the healing of gastric ulcers and prevent the change of normal cells into cancer cells in chronic gastritis patients

4.    Prevent the occurrence of GERD and damage to the lining of the esophagus due to GERD.

5.    Honey protects the lining of the stomach wall so that it can help treat gastric ulcers due to the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

6.    Honey has the same effectiveness as chemical drugs (cimetidine) for the treatment of ulcers.

7.    The reactions and effects are fast, so the benefits can be felt within 10-15 minutes after consumption. Effective for curing acute indigestion.

8.    The solution for chronic indigestion because it is an Esophageal Gastroprotector so that it can help prevent the recurrence of indigestion.

9.    Free of essential oils, thus minimizing the potential for bile disorders


How to use:

1.    1 tbsp Albuse is mixed with 50 ml of room temperature water and stirred until homogeneous or 1 tbsp Albuse can be drunk directly 1-3 times a day.

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