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Equipped with experience in marketing specific and sophisticated products such as blood plasma products, as well as to provide customers with alternatives to factor VIII and factor IX fractionation products, on October 1, 2011, PT Satya Abadi Pharma (Sapharma) was established. Supported by business partners who have international reputations such as Octapharma, Sanochemia, and a highly dedicated marketing team, Sapharma has managed to develop very quickly where within 4 (four) years since its establishment Sapharma has succeeded in becoming the market leader for plasma products in Indonesia.



To anticipate changes in the health business climate in Indonesia as well as increasing public awareness, in 2018 Sapharma began to explore products that are needed by the wider community such as Supplements and Traditional Medicines. And to ensure product quality is maintained during the distribution process, Sapharma has also received CDOB certification.



In an effort to provide wider services to the community, at the age of 10, Sapharma changed its company vision "Being the leader in providing health products for a better life". Sapharma continues to upgrade itself to achieve this vision, including by multiplying its own products, strengthening the product formulation team, expanding strategic partners, increasing the number of Field Forces and expanding the team spreading which currently exists in 59 cities in Indonesia, as well as adding digital marketing channels. Sapharma's steps, of course, will not stop there, to answer the existing challenges, then in the next 5 (five) years, Sapharma is expected to have its own production facilities.

Our Partner kawan Abadi Mandiri kawan Abadi Mandiri


Javier Marchena

Senior Manager International Sales Octapharma
““Di Octapharma, kami bangga dalam memproduksi obat-obatan yang bermanfaat bagi jutaan pasien di seluruh dunia dalam bidang Hematologi, Imunoterapi, dan Perawatan Kritis. Kami senang memiliki mitra tepercaya dan profesional di PT Satya Abadi Pharma, yang secara aktif berinvestasi dalam meningkatkan pengetahuan dan keterampilan komunitas perawatan kesehatan. Dedikasi mereka sangat berkontribusi dalam meningkatkan taraf hidup pasien di Indonesia.””

Gilberto Liorci

Direktur Penjualan Sanochemia
““Bekerja dengan Sapharma selalu menyenangkan. Sapharma memiliki tim yang sangat profesional dengan budaya perusahaan yang kuat. Mereka sangat responsif, berorientasi pada solusi, dan sangat kompeten dengan semangat tim yang penuh gairah! Sapharma jelas merupakan mitra andal yang dapat kami andalkan.””