Ir. Agus Suwarno

Along with increasing awareness of the importance of maintaining health in the global community, especially in Indonesia, maintaining nutritional intake and lifestyle are becoming increasingly important factors for maintaining health and endurance in an effort to create a productive and prosperous society. SAPharma, as a company that focuses on the Health sector, is always innovating in providing high-quality Health products to create a better quality of life for the people of Indonesia.

SAPharma actively ensures the availability of complete Health products for the treatment and maintenance of Health, ranging from prescription drug products, non-prescription drugs, supplement and multivitamin products, nutritional products and other health products.

The products developed by SAPharma are superior products that are managed and distributed by a team of experts in their field in accordance with the distribution provisions of drugs and health products set by the Government to ensure their safety. SAPharma actively ensures the safety of superior product and service quality for customer satisfaction and loyalty .

These products can be obtained by all segments of society, starting from the upper, middle and lower segments. In accordance with the mandate of the Law on the Social Security Administering Body, SAPharma efficiently and productively provides the best products, builds and maintains cooperation with business partners, and builds a distribution network in Indonesia , to ensure and increase the availability of quality health products at affordable prices for all people throughout Indonesia.

In line with its development, SAPharma always realize its commitment to improve welfare all parties who are part of the Company's growth and prioritize solidarity with the environment to create a positive impact on society.

One form of SAPharma solidarity for the community is to actively ensure the availability and convenience for all people with hemophilia to routinely obtain high-quality drugs in order to reduce the risk of damage/disability so that they can carry out their activities and work normally so that they be independent and prosperous.

SAPharma believes that Good Corporate Governance (GCG) will affect the quality of service to the community, therefore SAPharma is fully committed to implementing good governance at all levels and organizational level by referring to various provisions and requirements as well as aligning the work culture that reflects the basic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat maintain the productivity of the Company and continues to make improvements in efforts to improve the quality of life.

Supported by the spirit of innovation and sincere prayers to God Almighty, SAPharma will always provide the best performance to increase contributions for all parties to create a healthy society with a better quality of life.